The " Tupelo Gum Swamp " is an 11-acre swath of wetlands hidden between several dead-end roads south of Bienville Boulevard . The Tupelo Gum Swamp Located in the center of the widest part of the island, there are 20 lots totaling 10 acres which contain substantial wetland and are designated as a Tupelo Gum Swamp

This swamp is located just inland of the main dune line on the island's south side and is bisected by a 10-foot-wide public access right-of-way. This area has been targeted for conservation because of its unique vegetation. Gaining control of these lots will secure important wetland habitat and provide an ecotourism opportunity through the development of a birding trail along this right-of-way. Since 2001, DIBS has successfully acquired four of these lots through gifts and purchases.